mission complete

100 characters drawing challenge finished! yay :D

As part of my to-do list this year I set out a 100 drawings challenge, specifically to improve my characters drawing skills. I was ok at realistic figure drawing (that what art school taught me), but when it comes to stylizing a person, especially a portrait, I find it really hard to capture their looks and emotion.

I’ve done a 30 days challenge before (inktober), but never a 100 days, quite a long term for me. This is more about practicing and getting better at my weak areas rather than forming a habit, so it wasn’t necessary to draw every day. Ideally, 1 drawing a day would be great, but someday I end up with more drawings and other days I wasn’t satisfied with any.
At the start, I wasn’t sure who to draw so I just randomly pick anyone that came to my mind at that moment. Starting with athletes (The Olympic Games were running at the time), then Harry Potter and some random characters of my own.


curling athlete harry pottermermaid

(see my Instagram for all 100 images)

After a couple of drawings, I decided to try and draw in different styles and always make a series of 3 or 6 drawings so I don’t have to think so much about how to draw every time. (It also looks better on my Instagram feed: D)
At first, I was using iPad pro and Procreate because of the versatility.

grandmotherdelivery boyspring dance


You can also easily record the drawing process which is an awesome feature.

(find more time-lapse videos on my Youtube channel, they are usually quite short)

After a while I started to miss the feelings of papers so I switched back to colored pencils, I rarely draw with colored pencils only but this time I got some neon colors and really enjoyed them (just some cheap kid art supply a shop gave me for free).

little girlcat boylight saber


I usually do book illustrations with watercolor mixed with digital painting. This time I tried to paint them more loosely and without fixing anything on the computer.


blue flower girlgreen flower girlorange flower girl


Having enough fun with the old-school medium, I took up my iPad again. Choosing color palettes has always been hard for me, I tend to use very conventional color combination so I thought it would be interesting to make some crazy/bold mix this time.

flute musicianbanjotambourine


At images n. 54 the weather was warm enough even for me to go out (as a hard-core in-house creature). I stopped in the park and did some quick doodles.

guitar manred shirt womanwoman

Well, and it started to rain 😀


litter girl with umbrellagirl with rainbow umbrellapeople with umbrella


The problem with a long-term challenge is that it takes… really long time and some months, there are so many clients work, I have very little time to do anything personal and it might become very stressful to commit to everything. Also, I felt like I don’t have any ideas left. Juggling multiple projects at the same time, I end up just relaxing with fun and quick little doodling with pen and colored pencils.


bee or not to beedog girlrun Forest run


If you know Procreate app and follow their Instagram, you probably also know about Jarom Vogel, who made some awesome illustrations for them. So this guy also made a Skillshare class teaching people about his process while using the app, and because I love Procreate, of course, I watched his tutorial and tried to draw with his tips.




I am out of ideas, uh. But then my boyfriend found this ridiculously hilarious series Dirk Gently’s holistic detective agency (I usually don’t watch TV that much) and we kept laughing for weeks (and then cried for another week because they canceled season 3). I tried to draw the characters in a kind of cartoon style which I am not used too, but they turn out quite ok.


dirk gentlytoddfarah


Just another 20 pieces to go!

I am out of ideas, again, I know. I could have continued drawing film characters forever but I wanted some change since the style didn’t really click with my nature. I missed painting with watercolor so the remedy was easy, girls and flowers and some funky glasses.


girl in yellow coatgirl in blueheartshape glasses


It’s June (ugh… 5 months has already passed), I have been meeting clients and preparing for a new children’s book, so designing some kids characters would be a great warm-up for the book and meanwhile also reach my 100 pieces. Different styles and process, but all digital painting.

reading girlhiding girlgirl sitting


There you have it! Finished! I am exhausted but I made it! 100 characters drawings! I’ve learn a lot and a lot there still to learn 😀 let’s buy some chips and celebrate!!!

At the moment, I have no plans for any new challenge, but I have a load of ideas for personal projects to work on 😀

Have you tried a long haul challenge before? Leave a comment and show us your work!