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More booooks…

Most of them are educational books for children, available in multiple languages. Artwork for gift books, magazines, and short stories collections are not included. I usually work only on the illustrations part, prepress and other graphic works are carried out by the publisher.

book covers for the amazing nature series

Unlikely Friendships in Nature
Myths and Stereotypes about Animals
How Animals Adapt to Their Surroundings
How Animals Care for Their Young: Parenting Styles in the Animal World
Animals in Danger or How We Can Help Them

5 books series written by Pavla Hanáčková
Publisher: B4U Publishing/Albatros
Artwork medium: watercolor and digital

Little May and the Magic Umbrella
Pop-up book, written by Alžběta Niebauerová
Publisher: B4U Publishing
Artwork medium: watercolor and digital

Weird and Wonderful Animals, or Why Don’t Ostriches Fly?
Written by Helena Haraštová
Publisher: Albatros
Artwork medium: digital

Learning about Crafts with Puss in Boots
Written by Michaela KalivodováJana Sedláčková
Publisher: Albatros media
Artwork medium: digital, I also worked only on large full-color spread

Best Known Fairy Tales
A collection of 9 mini pop-up books, written by Štěpánka Sekaninová
Publisher: Albatros media
Artwork medium: digital

Milda a Milda
A fun story about two little mysterious helpers and their children in kindergarten.
Writen by Ester Stará
Publisher: Mladá Fronta

“your name” saving our planet
A picture book about nature and environmental issues for young readers with options to customize your hero name and look.
Writen by Jana Šrámková
Publisher: Modrý slon

Náš zázračný příběh/Our miraculous story
A little book for children conceived through fertility treatments.
Writen by Denisa Hledíková
Publisher: Family Trees Publishing

Skopičiny kocoura Silvestra
Stories about Silvestr the cat and his adventure to the zoo, funny language puzzles and verses included.
Writen by Zuzana Pospíšilová
Publisher: Grada publishing

Usínací knížka
Beautiful lullaby verses for the youngest.
Writen by Robin Král
Publisher: Pikola/Euromedia group

When life gives you mangoes/Mango nepadá daleko od stromu
Writen by Kereen Getten
Artwork medium: digital, book-cover only
Publisher: Yoli/Euromedia group